MAK’s Oracle Water System Represents Device for Preventing COVID-19


“As it is harmless, I readily clean my hands using ‘Oracle Water’ after returning home, instead of other hand-detergents,” said a citizen of Daegu who was receiving the antiseptic solution at a community service center.

South Korea had the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases after China but the number reduced after using the ‘Oracle Water’ produced by Oracle Water System to prevent epidemics.

MAK provided ‘Oracle Water’ to antiseptic solution spreading vehicles at Nam-gu Office in Daegu and 13 community service centers in the city for preventing epidemics of the city, households, and citizens.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the city decreased from 390 on March 7 when the city started to use ‘Oracle Water’ to 297 on March 8, 190 on March 9 and to 32 on March 17, showing a reduction by 91.7%.

“The most important step to stop spreading Coronavirus is the prevention of epidemics,” said Byung Joon Chun, President of MAK. “As it provides 6~7 times* stronger sterilizing power compared to other disinfectants, Oracle Water can rapidly prevent epidemics. And sterilization effect of Oracle Water was already recognized by removing anthrax bacteria and H1N1 viruses.”

In coping with variants of harmful viruses, MAK developed Oracle Water System based on 11 related patents. Using plasma, Oracle Water System produces ‘Oracle Water’ by dissolving ozone in the nano-micro bubble in water with the highest dissolution rate of 70% in the world. ‘Oracle Water’ provides outstanding sterilizing effects while being eco-friendly as ozone is decomposed into oxygen molecules in water unlike chemical disinfectants and can be applied widely.

Having concluded a contract with GW in China, a disinfection service company designated by the Hangzhou city government, to supply 18 units of Oracle Water System, MAK is scheduled to ship the systems in April.

“We are receiving inquiries from countries impacted by COVID-19 and concentrating efforts on manufacturing Oracle Water Systems, day and night, to help countries getting over COVID-19 across the world,” added Chun.

MAK is a leading company that specializes in applying plasma technology. After having strived to develop plasma technologies since its establishment in 2004, the company leveraged these technologies for expanding businesses into diverse areas including ashing of semiconductor, bonding of LCD panels for displays and TVs, air cleaning at medical facilities, treatment and regeneration of skin, anti-aging and tooth whitening. It boasts cutting-edge technology of fully providing plasma technologies to the major mobile phone manufacturers for processing curved glasses used in flexible displays of such phones.

In particular, MAK first developed in the world the technology of generating plasma in CDA Chamber and supplies it to BOE in China. Having successfully developed USC technology for the third time in the world, the company is supplying it to BOE, Tianma, Jintuo, and Etmade in China and HIRATA in Japan. Possessing proprietary patent rights for vacuum plasma equipment for MLCC, the company is exclusively supplying the equipment to Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and working with multiple Korean companies, including Samsung Electronics and LG Display.

MAK owns various product lines, including vacuum Descum equipment for wafer and plasma for processing curved touch screen panel (TSP) used for vehicles. The company is funneling research resources into nano textile equipment targeting the nano textile market and environment protection equipment to explore the wastewater treatment market.

“对人体无害,出门回家的话,与其用洗手液洗手,不如用‘Oracle Water’洗手”从大邱一座居民中心领取消毒水的一位居民如是说。

韩国是仅次于中国的新冠病毒确诊人数最多的国家,通过将Oracle Water System(由MAK开发)生产的“Oracle Water”作为防疫水使用,减少了确诊人数,取得了令人瞩目的成就。

MAK出于城市、家庭和居民防疫的目的,向大邱市南区区政府的防疫喷洒车和大邱市区内的13座居民中心提供了“Oracle Water”。


“当前,能够迅速杀灭新冠病毒的防疫无比重要”CEO全炳准(音译)表示,“Oracle Water与现有药物相比,杀菌力提高了6~7倍*,因此可迅速实施防疫。此外,Oracle Water对于炭疽菌和新型流感(H1N1)病毒的杀菌能力也已得到证明”。

(株)MAK基于11项相关专利,开发出Oracle Water System,以应对有害病毒变种不断出现的情况。Oracle Water System利用等离子体,在水中将臭氧溶解于纳米微气泡中,生产出溶存率高达70%(世界最高)的“Oracle Water”。“Oracle Water”不仅杀菌效果卓越,而且不同于化学消毒剂,在水中将臭氧自然分解为氧分子,因此环保性好,应用领域广泛。

(株)MAK与中国杭州的一家政府指定防疫企业(GW)签订了18台Oracle Water System的供货合同,将于4月份出口。


(株)MAK是一家等离子体应用领域专业企业。自2004年创立以来,一直致力于研究等离子体,并利用等离子体开展半导体灰化、显示器的TV面板和LCD Bonding、医疗机构空气净化、皮肤治疗和再生、抗衰老、牙齿美白等业务。近期,还向相关企业100%提供用于手机Edge液晶屏的曲面玻璃(Curver Glass)处理用等离子体技术,拥有最先进的技术。

尤其是CDA Chamber内的等离子体发生技术属世界首创,并已提供给中国BOE。世界第三个成功开发出USC技术,目前已提供给中国BOE、Tianma、Jintuo、Etmade和日本HIRATA等企业。此外,MLCC用真空等离子体设备拥有原始专利,并独家提供给三星电机。同时,还与三星电子和乐金显示等多家韩国企业开展合作。此外,还拥有Wafer用真空Descum设备、车用曲面TSP处理用等离子体等各种产品系列。为扩大业务领域,还向旨在进军纳米纤维市场的纳米纤维设备和旨在开拓废水处理市场的环保设备投入研究资源。

* [韩国国内]金素延(音译)(2001),“利用臭氧杀灭细菌相关研究”,仁荷大学,韩国,p12~14

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