LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION ,spur the development of blockchain


Lotte Group has been working to introduce blockchain since 2017 for digital switching (DT). So, it announced that it will actively use blockchain to grow into ‘Digital Lotte’.

“The existing business structure should be reviewed from a digital perspective to innovate,” Lotte Group Chairman Shin Dong-bin said. “Business innovation through digital limitations is a task that we need to solve.

LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION COMPANY has been providing solutions and services that utilize high-tech technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, IoT and cloud in various business areas such as distribution, manufacturing, logistics, finance and medical services.

Also, LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION COMPANY added a blockchain to the IT technology items it had previously secured. “We are dealing with the trend of the era of DT across Lotte Group,” he said. “Security is the most important key to driving high-tech technologies that are considered core to DT in a stable manner. We are preparing to provide stable services that enhance security by utilizing the integrity of the blockchain,” Byunghee, Min, head of LOTTE DATA COMMUNICATION COMPANY said.

It will release its own blockchain platform, LOTTE Agile Ledger Platform, which currently supports both on-premise and cloud environments.

In addition, the company plans to expand the scope of its use within Lotte Group, including decentralized identification-based group’s employee identification and history management.

It is planning to support new blockchain businesses to various industrial groups through LALP in the future.

Lotte Corpotation, which owns large retail affiliates such as department stores, supermarkets and online shopping malls, announced that it will introduce blockchain technology to “history management” that should be cared about in the distribution sector.

We look forward to seeing how the blockchain developed by Lotte Group will expand in the future in blockchain technology, which will be a weapon in the future, as it has a global competitive edge.

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