a confrontation between the ruling party and the opposition parties


The 21st April 15th general election is just three months away. The ruling and opposition parties have started a strategic fight.

​Among them, one of the most important areas is the” No. 1 commitment.”This is because the “No. 1 pledge” includes policy directions or election strategies.

​Liberty Korea Party ‘2020 Hope Promotional Development Group with the People’ announced its first economic pledge, including fiscal soundness, scrapping the policy of the nuclear power plant, and reforming the labor market.

​The main opposition Liberty Korea Party said, “Let’s change from a hopeless economy of regulations and falls to a hopeful economy of freedom and fairness,” adding that it will enact a fiscal health and safety law to address the rapidly increasing national debt problem after President Moon takes power.

​In contrast, Democratic Party of Korea announced “public WiFi establishment” as its first pledge.

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