‘Pet-Tech’, A platform for preventing abandoned dogs is launched

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It launched “pet Now,” a free pet registration application that helps users find their owners quickly in case their dogs are lost through registration of information on their noses, according to the platform development firm Ho Yoon and J&M Design Company (CEO Kim Se-jin).

Pet Now can be free of charge in mobile apps, and information registration automatically generates QR codes and registration numbers for companion animals when they type their images into the application by taking a smartphone camera with their nose prints.

“With the lost animals emerging as a social issue, we have developed applications that are free to anyone using deep learning and blockchain technology,” said Kim Se-jin, CEO of J&M Design Company. “Pet Now will help prevent the loss of dogs by simply registering and retrieving information from anyone.”

Pet Now emphasized that it aims to create a profile by using the animal’s nose pattern as a human fingerprint, and to create services based on pets and the world without lost animals.

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