The ‘Davion Foundation’ conference ends successfully

Source=Blockstar DB

On January 22, the Davion Foundation held a Davion conference at the COEX Intercontinental Grand Ballroom Hotel in Seoul.

The Davion Foundation is currently engaged in a thriving business in the U.S. by issuing DAVP, and is known for its value as a special payment token not only in Korea but also in Southeast Asia.

Through the conference, the Davion Foundation announced business results so far, an introduction to future projects and new projects.

The company issued DVAP for the purpose of revitalizing smart consumption life based on transparency and efficiency and linked blockchain technology with information on proven global businesses that are currently underway.

In addition, the Davion Foundation aims to eliminate the obstacles to commerce on- and off-line and emphasized the realization of a free financial ecosystem by building an open ecosystem where anyone with the Internet can participate through decentralized governance.