CryptoCoinShow-Blockchain Interviews with Ramak Sedigh, CEO & Founder of Plouton Mining


Ashton Addison speaks with Ramak Sedigh, CEO & Founder of Plouton Mining, a solar powered Bitcoin mining facility in California. Plouton will be North America’s largest solar-powered Bitcoin mining operation.

Q:Why bitcoin minining is a great opprunity and that’s why you’ve seized it and whiat is competitive advantages that you have in th in the industry as you grow ?

​A: He said “so, let e start with the last part of your question what we were planning to do what we have structured to do is to be able to have a penny one cent per kilowatt hour for electricity guaranteed over the money next 25 years that’s our claim to fame.

I have been involved in mining since 2017 I have not very good experience even though some have been very profitable. I was one of the people involved in- in a gigawatt that went bellly up I took ownership of the miners as soon as they arrived so I maen ok out of that deal generally speaking mining hasn’t been very structured very consolidated in the sense everybody is rushing it to make money for the next couple of years and who cares what’s going happen after that my goal was to answer a more long-term structured deal that offers a pathway in the US you know with infrastructure and extremely low cost electricity

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